$25 Key Increase Information

Trail Wildlife with the support of the West Kootenay Marksmen and the West Kootenay Archers have agreed to raise the price of the Range Gate Key to $25.00. The breakdown for this increase is to clearly display that the three associations have the ability to purchase the range as well as providing ongoing maintenance. $5.00 of the $25.00 will go towards key production and the remaining $20.00 will go towards a capital reserve account to purchase the range from TECK. The keys cost about $4.90 to make, Parslow Lock and Safe make approximately 10 cents on each key. The only other funds that go into the Range are the annual range fees that TWA charges to the user groups, such as West Kootenay Marksmen, West Kootenay Archers, RCMP and CBSA. These funds go directly into ongoing range maintenance.

Your membership in TWA, WKM, WKA authorizes you to purchase a range key. You are not authorized to use the range just because you are member of TWA, WKM or WKA. The personal range key or family range key is your only authority to use the range.