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Event Description: CBSA
Closure Type: Pistol Range Only
Time: 0800-1600hrs

Event Description: Turkey Shoot
Closure Type: Pistol Range Only
Time: 0800-1600hrs

Range Closure Definitions

Full Closure

The entire range area past the main entry gate, including the TWA clubhouse and WKA archery range are closed to all unauthorized persons.

All Firearms Ranges Closure

The Archibald (300 meter rifle), 300 meter military and 100 meter pistol ranges are closed to all unauthorized persons.  This does not include the TWA clubhouse, the main road or the WKA archery range.

Pistol Range Closure

The pistol range closure includes the adjacent 300 meter military range; both ranges are closed to all unauthorized persons.

Respect the wildlife that uses this range area and the mountain back drop at the end of the ranges.  We are very fortunate to be able to shoot our rifles at paper targets and watch the Rocky Mountain Goats that live on the rocky slopes above our ranges.  SHOOTING UP AND BEYOND THE ENDS OF THE RANGES IS PROHIBITED.


To use the Casino Ranges an annual membership to one of the 3 non-profit groups listed below is required;

  • Trail Wildlife Association (TWA)
  • West Kootenay Marksmen (WKM)
  • West Kootenay Archers (WKA)

If you plan on bringing guest(s) to the range you must make arrangements a number of days in advance to obtain liability insurance.  Insurance can only be purchased Monday to Friday (excluding Statutory Holidays). Click here to contact us.

Click here for full TWA Membership information

These ranges are also used by the:

  • Dept. of National Defense (DND)
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
  • Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA)

REMINDER -  The ranges main gate key is valid from January 01 to December 31.   A new key will be required each year; the lock is changed on January 1st.  Purchase your new memberships and keys at Parslow Lock & Safe Ltd.


The Casino Ranges are located to the south of Trail, BC on the west side of the Columbia River.  To access the ranges, turn off Highway 22 in downtown Trail onto Bay Avenue and drive south 7.5 kilometers towards Casino.  Stay on the main paved road and watch on the right hand side of the road for the turn off to the ranges.  The main entrance to the ranges has a locked yellow gate and a Trail Wildlife Association (TWA) Range sign. The address is 3430 Casino Road.

The range facilities are private lands that are managed by the Trail Wildlife Association.  There are 3 firearms ranges plus an archery range within this area.

When entering the ranges the main (yellow) gate must be immediately locked after entry and exit.  Do not leave the gate open at any time.

When driving on the road into the ranges you will arrive at turn offs to the each of the following in this order:

  1. Trail Wildlife Association Clubhouse
  2. TWA – Pat Archibald 300 meter Range
  3. Dept. of National Defense (DND) 300 meter Range
  4. West Kootenay Marksmen 100 meter Range
  5. West Kootenay Archers 100 meter range and field course


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Range Rules

Trail Wildlife Association - Pat Archibald Range

The safe operation of the shooting ranges requires strict adherence to these rules that fall under the FIREARMS ACT and the Shooting Clubs and Shooting Ranges Regulations.

These rules are posted on our website and at the range. It is the responsibility of each member that uses or plans on using the ranges to know and follow these rules. Anyone person or group not adhering to these rules could have their lease and/or membership revoked. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the rules contact a member of the TWA Range committee.

If you plan on bringing guest(s) to the range you must make arrangements a number of days in advance to obtain liability insurance. Insurance can only be purchased Monday to Friday (excluding Statutory Holidays). Contact TWA here.

When on the range the member is to supervise their guest(s) and ensure that the guest(s) are aware of and follow the range rules.

When entering the ranges the main (yellow) gate must be immediately locked after entry and exit. Do not leave the gate open at any time.

No alcohol or drugs are permitted on the range.

Before shooting sign in and record your; time in, name, club affiliation, and date. The sign in book is located in the yellow cabinet in the back middle portion of the covered shooting area.

The Green flag is to be up when the range is not in use. Raise the Red flag when you arrive at the range and are ready to shoot. When shooting is finished raise the Green flag.

Prior to Live Fire; flip both boards to Live Fire Line and turn on red flashing lights.

When finished Live Fire; turn off red flashing lights and flip over both boards to Cease Fire.

All shooters as well as any spectators within close proximity to the firing line must wear eye and ear protection during live fire. If not shooting, observers must be behind the yellow line painted on the floor of the covered shooter area.

When more than one member is on the range, those present shall appoint a range officer. The range officer shall be responsible for the shooting activities at the firing line.

  • Give commands to "commence fire and to cease fire and ensure that flashing lights and Live Fire Line and Cease Fire signs are in their proper positions.
  • Ensure that firearms are loaded only on the firing line (benches).
  • Ensure all firearms are unloaded during a cease-fire and all have their actions open.
  • All those not going down range are to step behind the yellow line and are to wait until the people returning from the targets are back and behind the firing line.
  • Ensure that no firearms are handled & pointed down range while people are down range.
  • Once everyone has returned from down range, at the command of the designated range officer those shooting can move to their shooting positions.

No shooting up into the rocks past the end of the ranges.

No skeet or trap shooting on any of the ranges.

No driving on the ranges.

No shooting of explosive or flammable containers or targets, metal cans, glass, plastic bottles, clay birds or anything that may cause; explosion, fire, contamination, dangerous debris or bullet ricochets.

Place paper or cardboard targets on the plywood frames from 25 meters to 300 meters. Do not shoot the 2x4 uprights holding the plywood. Sighting in and patterning of shotguns is allowed.

Metal plates to be set up at 300 meter line and 330 meter sand backstop. For safety; shooters must be back 300 meters from any metal plates.

Pack it in/Pack it out. When finished shooting, remove your targets and pick up your brass. Take home your used targets, brass and any garbage you generate. Unwanted used brass can be placed in the used brass container in the covered shooting area for recycle.

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Entrance to the TWA Pat Archibald Range

Dept National Defence (DND) 300 meter range

Entrance to West Kootenay Marksmen 100 meter range

West Kootenay Archers 100 meter range