About the Trail Wildlife Association


Vision: Focuses on the protection, enhancement and wise use of the environment for the benefit of present and future generations.

Mission: The TWA's objectives are:

  • to work with appropriate government ministries and other conservation organizations to develop sustainable fish and wildlife practices.
  • to encourage responsible recreation related to the enjoyment of wildlife
  • to include our community's students in our fish and wildlife project work
  • to manage and provide safe and secure firearms and archery facilities


The club started in 1925 and was called The Trail Rod & Gun Club. In the late 60's the name was changed to the Trail Wildlife Association.

Executive for 2017

  • President: Terry Hanik
  • Past President: Dan Abenante
  • 1st Vice President: Dan Abenante
  • Secretary/Treasurer: John Harmston
  • Memberships: Dave Lauer
  • Gun Range: Bill Wenman
    • Co-chair: Dennis Venturini
    • Co-chair: Jay Mykietyn
  • Wildlife: Dillon Mawson
    • Co-chair: Laurie Bursaw
  • Fisheries: Alphonse Mallette
  • Elections: George Roberts
  • Land Use: Rick Fillmore
    • Co-chair: John Gwilliam
    • Co-chair: Dillon Mawson
  • Guide-Outfitters Rep: Gary Nutini
  • Communication: Bill Thompson
  • Projects: David Sidley
  • Wilderness Watch: Lorne Haas


  • Will McKenzie
  • Ryan Mitchell
  • Mike Mailey
  • Gary Rieberger
  • Kelly Moore
  • Vern Blair

Helpers List

  • Gary Salvador
  • Russ Lafreniere
  • Tara Mathers
  • Cheryl Oliver
  • Jeff Brown